Please Stop Swearing and get on topic. This is your last warning ROGER. I am sick and tired of this. Don't you read the rules.

    Rules for Everything.

    Would a Bug Seek Perfection?
    Would a Bug Seek Perfection?

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    Rules for Everything.

    Post  Zetsumei on Sun Mar 14, 2010 8:44 am

    Rules The Rewritten version

    For the last time. I will rewrite the rules that every person must follow. Since the launch of the site. Everyone thinks "ha, there is no-one looking, i'll just SPAM where ever i want to spam." Well, now is a time for Second Thoughts before SPAMMING. These aren't typed in a specific order of importance.

    1.OMGWTF U KNW WH4T I HTE TYPING LKE THIS SO DONT DO IT!!! (this include the capital letters, the overuse of exclamation marks and also the use of too many acronyms, so please dont.)

    2.You may not swear on these forums. (Roger, this includes you, acronyms are fine but do not over use it.)

    3.You may not double post. (Its when you post twice in a row, if you forgot to put something, use the edit button)

    4.Use proper grammar. (As best to you ability)

    5.No shorthanded words. eg. 'u' instead of you.

    6.No abusing people. (You know, stuff like flame wars. This is not a child's playground.)

    7.Use the edit button when needed.

    8.No Explicit Content.

    9.No Mini Modding - so correcting people to follow the rules, thats my job.

    10.If you want to correct someone, you must be correct too. eg. saying that I broke the rules, while you have also broken the rules.

    11. And Please don't use my real name, once i get as many people, this will have to be upheld. Refer to peoples Forum names.

    12.Have fun being civilised people, everyone is welcome here.

    Now these are all the rules that MUST be followed, otherwise punishments may follow.

    How to get a Punishment

    First you break the rules. Then you get 3 warnings. When you use your three warnings the punishment will follow.

    PUNISHMENT 1 - A ban, depends on how severe the breaking of a rule is.
    PUNISHMENT 2 (if i know you in real life) - A Severe 'happening' to you.

    Well, keep happy and be a civilised community

    Yours faithfully

    If you think i missed something, please feel free to message me.

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